Monday, 15 April 2013

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks: Review

I read this a few weeks ago after a couple of intense reads. I was looking for something light and frivolous. Of Poseidon fitted that bill perfectly. It’s light-hearted Young Adult fluff with a mythological twist.

Galen is a Syrena (or, as we would call him, a merman) and Emma is a typical American girl living in Jersey. These unlikely characters are brought together when Emma and her best friend Chloe spend a holiday in Florida. 

What follows is a story filled with romance, teenage angst, cross-purposes, hot guys and a very shallow plot. Trust me, the mystery is about as transparent as a glass bottle – the kind stuffed with messages, floating in the ocean. 

Still, it was fun – as long as you promise yourself not to get offended by the quick and callous death of a minor character – needed as a plot device  - or the overtly sexist nature of Syrena society. Man-oh-man, those merboys take the fishcake when it comes to bossing girls around! It boggles the mind. Still, I guess their personalities cannot be nearly as perfect as their pecs and abs! I guess it’s all about priorities!

With that little carp out the way, let me say that the characters are likeable, the mythology interesting and the Syrena society intriguing. The romance was sweet, although a little predictable. Although Emma can be a bit of an airhead where Galen is concerned, she did try and exhibit some backbone for which I give her credit. But in the end, his pecs and abs had her well and truly filleted and she succumbed to his bull-shark charm.

I will definitely put the next book on my light reading list – a good palette-cleanser for when I need a change of pace after more demanding books. I give this book 3 starfish.


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