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Frivolous Friday: 16 April

Happy Friday!

Life: it's pleasures are like poppies spread . . . 

Do kid’s still have autograph books? You know the kind I mean, those notebook type things in which you'd get your friends and family to pen a few witty words for you. Clearly not . . . my kids are looking at me blankly. Anyway, in 1924 for grandmother had one - I came across it in some books I was packing up for my house move - and this is what E. Rand (whoever he or she was) wrote  . . . 

The following contains a line from well-known authors arranged as a poem.

Why all this toil for triumphs of an hour (Young)
Life’s a short summer, man, a flower (Dr Johnson)
And pleasures are like poppies spread –
You seize the flower, its bloom is shed. (Burns)
To be is better far than not to be (Sewell)
Though all man’s life may seem a tragedy; (Speneer)
Your fate is but the common fate of all, (Longfellow)
Unmingled joys here to no man befall. (Southwell)
Live well! How long or short: permit to heaven (Milton)
Those who forgive the most shall be most forgiven; (Baily)
Soar not too high to fall, but stoop to rise- (Massinger)
We master grow of all that we despise. (Cowley)
How long shall we live, not years but actions tell (Watkins)
The man lives twice who lives the first life well; (Merrick)
The trust that’s given, guard, and to yourself be just (Dana)
For live we how we can, yet, die we must! (Shakespeare)

Although I confess I don’t know most of those poets, I have to say I was very impressed with the poem. It's quite profound and seamlessly linked together. Hope you enjoy it and that you have a fantastic weekend.

PS. And yes, I had an autograph book too. And no! I was not around in 1924!
PPS: Elisa is still doing the A-Z Challenge, but she'll be on track again for Frivolous Friday in May. Still check her out here.

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