Friday, 20 September 2013

Frivolous Friday: Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

Happy weekend all!

I am feeling particularly frivolous today because my dogs have finally arrived in England after a month-long separation. What a welcome we got yesterday at the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre! Bella, my Toy Pom, was a trembling ball of fluff, but it wasn't joy that had her shivering. The poor things was terrified. She dived into my arms and it took a few minutes before I got a few kisses on the nose out of her. On the drive home, she lay in my arms, refusing to move. Thankfully, a good night sleep seems to have cured her. That said, she won't let me out of her sight for a second. Holley, my lab, couldn't have been more different. She was bouncing with joy and couldn't love us enough. Once in teh car, she promptly feel asleep until we got home. 

What a delight having them back. It has gone a long way to helping me settle. 

Now they're home and the challenges of a new life starts. Having lived in bungalow-style houses all their lives, neither of them know how to climb stairs. Oh dear, the stress when I vanish onto the top floor. Bella at least can be carried, but Holley . . .  all forty kilos of her? Not likely. So, any pointers on teaching old dogs new tricks?

Have a wondrous weekend.

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