Friday, 2 August 2013

Frivolous Friday: A New Spin On Camping

Through the years I've sat around some beautful campfires in some pretty amazing places, but never one quite like this. This photo (with Bella, my dog on my lap) was taken in my empty lounge. My furniture left for England this week and kind friends have lent us some camping chairs, a camping table, some beds and bedding to tide us over until we vacate our home. It's amazing how echoey a big house is with nothing in it!

The challenge with moving overseas is when to let the furniture go. With a twenty-five-day shipping transit you're going to have to camp at some point in the process. We figured it was easier to camp here where friends could step in and help. Who knows what will happen when we arrive in Cambridgeshire, England? Yes, that is where Andrew's business calls us. He leaves on Monday. Erin, Kate and I leave on the 14th of August. Stephanie, my eldest daughter, is staying behind (with friends) to finish her schooling. That cracking sound you hear . . . it's my heart breaking at leaving her behind. But we will see her in December and who knows what the new year brings . . . My gold-plated dogs? They're coming with us. Gold-plated? It's cheaper to transport four adults than two mutts to England. I shudder at the cost, but some things just have to be borne.

What about my blog over the next couple of weeks? It will slow down, no doubt about it. But I will still do my weekly meme and keep up with Frivolous Friday. Reviews may have to wait. Please bear with me, regular transmission will resume as soon as my feet hit the ground.

And my writing? My current book steams ahead. Working on it is the most therapeutic thing I can do at the moment. It's my escape from all the stress, even more so than reading. That's good, I guess.

The hardest part of moving? Definitely the goodbyes. We had to say goodbye to Stephanie's horse today. He has found a new (we hope) loving home with a young girl who is so exited by his arrival in her life that she can hardly speak. It was heart-wrenching watching the horse box pull away with him inside. Weird that so much sadness can bring someone else so much joy. Life is strange. Saying goodbye to Louis was just the beginning . . . The next twelve days are going to be tough. Think of me when you are enjoying yourself with family and friends. You don't know how precious they are until you have to say goodbye. . .

Have a wonderful weekend.

PS. Elisa is doing some hiking this weekend and she's posted a stunning picture of where she's going. Check it out here.

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