Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cover Love: Daughter of the Flames: Zoe Marriott

I loved Daughter of the Flames. (See review here) It's an amazing book, and although not as well-known as some of the other books I've featured in my Cover Love posts, I had to show you these two very different covers.

If you didn't know, I doubt you'd figure that these two designs cover the identical book.

My preferred cover. Pity I don't own it!

This is the cover sold in South Africa

Both are UK versions. I haven't seen a US version so I assume the UK cover is sold in the States. What surprises me again is how often the UK publishers - in this case Walker Books - change their designs.

I have the bottom cover and I don't think it represents the book at all. In fact, all it says is that the heroine has dark skin. She also has another distinguishing feature - a terrible scar - which is also not depicted. To me the cover is meaningless. It does not speak fantasy, adventure, love, gripping plot, and intriguing world-building - all elements in abundance in this awesome story. Altogether a disappointing design effort.

I would much rather own the first cover. What about you?


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