Friday, 16 August 2013

Frivolous Friday: Happiness is . . . England

So we have arrived in the UK. My verdict? It's fantastic! Yes, I know, we've only been here a day, but still, I'm as happy as a cat lying on a sunny windowsill. For those who are wondering, we've decided to settle in Durham county - up north where the countryside is beautiful (as seen in my pic) and far less crowded than down south. Andrew arrived here ten days before me and the girls and he spent that time trying to find us a house down south. He was constantly texting me saying he was claustrophobic. For us Africans used to wide open spaces, big skies and isolation, the thought of living cheek by jowl with masses of other people is not appealing. A little village in Durham seems like the perfect answer. Living so far north does come with a drawback though . . . the weather can be savage! Thank goodness for central heating. . .

Today was spent sorting out a school for Kate and a college for Erin. We also managed a quick visit to Waterstone bookstore in Durham. Drooooool . . .  Erin and my tongues were hanging out at the size of the store and the choice of books. I managed to snag a copy of Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas. This was a find for me considering that it will only reach South African shores in October. Even better, it was considerably cheaper than what I would have paid in South Africa. Here's me smiling.

The weirdest things seen today? The prize for that definitely goes to the fish foot spa we passed in Durham. I really should have taken a pic, but I was too grossed out to even think. What is a fish foot spa you ask? Very simply, you plop your feet into a large fish tank filled with a school of finger-length fish. With a flash of silver, a dozen fish attack, latching onto your (no my) feet, gnawing off all the dead skin . . .  Urgh. Gross. Not for me.

On that fishy note, have a happy weekend everyone . . .


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