Wednesday, 31 July 2013

WWW: 31 August

Morning all, I don't have much to report today as you will see as I answer MizB's questions.

What have I finished reading?

Sadly, this is the first week this year that I haven't completed a book. It feels so weird, but I blame this:

My furniture left for England yesterday. Needless to say, the week has been hectic, stressful and horrible getting it all ready. I will be following it in a couple of weeks. 

What am I reading?

Two books actually, one for a blog tour I'm part of and one for love.

The blog tour first:
Dragonwitch (Goodreads) 
I remembered yesterday (moments before the container arrived to take all my wordly junk) that I have to post a review for this on the 4th of August. So I started it yesterday, reading in snatches. It's not a good book to read in snatches. Too many complicated names so beloved by some fantasy authors. So I will start it again today to give it a fair hearing! Review will be up by the 4th.

Forged in Blood II (Goodreads)
I'm so sad to have to put this on hold for my review commitment, because I am loving it. It's the final book in the Emperor's Edge series (Goodreads). Will be sad when it's over.

What am I reading next?

My Own Mr Darcy (Goodreads)
I have another blog tour coming up for this, so I will dive in as soon as I finish Forged in Blood II

So that's me. Leave a link and I will call on you.


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