Friday, 15 March 2013

Frivolous Friday

Yah! It's Friday again! Happy weekend everyone.

This week I want to introduce you to my brother, Tom. He is a fifty-six year old lunatic who's riding through Africa on a bicycle in aid of Rhino conservation. (Hence the red rhino horn on the front of his bike) As well as writing a book, he's also making an adventure travel documentary with my husband Andrew. Here's a link to a trailer on Youtube.

My crazy brother Tom

Tom set off from Cape Town, South Africa, at the end of November last year. This week he crossed the equator into the northern hemisphere. He is now about to enter Kenya. Incredible! He often rides more than a hundred miles a day!

He sleeps most nights under the stars. Has braved raging storms, lions, rioting crowds, angry beggars, illness and fatigue. My greatest heart-stopping moment came when he messaged, saying he was trapped on a rickety ferry in the middle of Lake Victoria. A storm had whipped up eight foot waves and the wind was throwing the boat around so much that his bike - all 65 kilograms of it - was being tossed around like a paper cup! Then the messages stopped along with my heart. Hours later I heard  he was safe, finally rescued by another boat. Still he peddles on relentlessly.

These are some of the pictures I've stolen (with permission!) off his blog Itsalongway

He causes a stir where ever he goes, often being chased down by begging kids.

A very typical African scene, I'm afraid. As you can see, the roads are often bad (usually) and they drive like maniacs.

The sand was so thick that he couldn't ride. He ended up pushing his 25 pound bike for days.

I think he's amazing. A real hero.


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