Friday, 15 March 2013

Feature and Follow: 15 March

Welcome to my Feature and Follow hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read. I will be doing this meme every Friday as well as my usual Frivolous Friday feature. Now that I've got some posts up and a bit of an identity going, it's time to grow this baby of mine :) I hope my new visitors like what they find.

So, the question this week is: Activity! Hopefully warm weather for most of us is here soon…so tell us about your favorite outdoor reading spot. Or take a picture.

Firstly, I  live in the southern hemisphere, so we've had about as much hot weather as I can stand. I'm a winter person and I can't wait for the lashing rain, driving wind and icy cold that will - hopefully - embrace us in May. Still, I have a favourite reading spot for all weathers . . . Enjoy the pic!

My bath: my favourite reading spot

Nothing thrills me more than lying in the bath reading. I've lost count of the number of times I've taken a new book to the bath, read through the night (lying in cold water because I've drained the geyser) and finally closed the last page in time to wake the kids for school. Nuts, I know. I even take my Kindle to the bath with me. I've never dropped a book into the bath, so why should I drop my Kindle? Posting that on the internet is probably tempting fate! 

I can't wait to visit you all and see what crazy things you do. Please feel free to comment and to follow me if you like my blog. I will return the favour.


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