Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: 14 May

Thanks to the The Broke and the Bookish for hosting. The question this week is:

The Top Ten Books Dealing With Tough Subjects (abuse, suicide, grief etc or something personally hard for you)

Hmm . . . this is a tough one because I read for pleasure, not to be beaten about the head by my literature. So the only titles that springs to mind are:

The Fault in Our Stars (Goodreads)
I know this is a brilliant book (I've read enough reviews to convince me of that), but I can't bring myself to read it. Having lost both parents to cancer, it's just too close to the bone for me. Maybe one day . . .

The Hunger Games (Goodreads)
I know I'm a wuss (freely admitted in previous posts!), but this book disturbed me for weeks after reading it. The callousness of the games really hit home because it is not a new concept - the Romans sent thousands of people of to die just like that. I can see the Hunger Games happening again under some evil regime.

Go Ask Alice (Goodreads)
I read this books when I was a trouble teen and I have never forgotten it. Go Ask Alice shaped my view on life, protecting me from the pitfalls of drug abuse. I remember it as a hauntingly sad book.

 Ring of Bright Water (Goodreads)

This book is ancient, so I make no apologies for the cover pic. It deals with the  loss of a pet and made me cry rivers for days. I still get teary when I think about it. Art Garfunkle's song, Bright Eyes, was written about that poor otter. I've included a link to the music video. Have tissues when you watch it

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (Goodreads)

I include this book of sorrow, betrayal, death and despair as a hold-all for all the books I've read on racism and injustice in any form. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee is highlighted because it was particularly wrenching - it stands out above the others.

And that, folks, is all I can come up with. Pathetic, right? How about you? Did you do better? Please leave a link and I'll drop by.

PS. I am looking for new blogs to follow and I'm hoping to find some new readers who like my kind of posts too. Feel free to follow if what you see appeals to you. That way I'm sure I'll like what you offer too.

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