Saturday, 11 May 2013

Stacking The Shelves: May 11

Because I've been such a lucky girl, winning a heap of things, I feel eminently qualified to do Stacking the Shelves this week. Thanks to Tynga for hosting.

So where do I begin . . . rubs hands together!

Thanks to Carmen at shelfspaceneeded, I won a paper copy of Touch (Goodreads). 
Apart from the fact that Kale (the hero) is a real hottie, the book blurb sound great, so I'm super excited for this one.

Then I scored big at Martha's blog Books, Books, and More Books
From her a won a David Estes bundle of eBooks . . .

 Nikki Powergloves (Goodreads)
The Moon Dwellers (Goodreads)
Fire Country (Goodreads)
I think the Nikki Powergloves will be a bit young for me, but I'm definitely thrilled with the other two.

Then I won my first swag!
Amazing how excited a grown girl can get over some pretty pieces of cardboard!!!
Thanks to Jennifer @ Simply Young Adult.

If that isn't enough magic for one week, I was also given some exciting titles to review via Netgalley.

Broken Forest (Goodreads)
I was suckered by this cover! I just love it. I hope the book is just as good. 

 Dare You To (Goodreads)
I was pretty stunned when Harlequin agreed to give this to me. I requested it on the off chance that I'd get it. Imagine my excitement when it arrived on my Dashboard at Netgalley. If it is anything like Pushing the Limits (Goodreads), I know I'm going to love it.

 Some of Tim's Stories
Having been a S.E. Hinton fan all my life, I could not resist this one. Because I could not find it on Goodreads (even though it was released on 30 April 2013), I will share the blurb with you: 

Terry and Mike are cousins who are as close as cousins can be - more like brothers, really. Growing up in happy times, they think their idyllic lives are invincible. But shared tragedies send both of their lives in two very different directions. Told through a series of inter-connected short stories by Tim, a sympathetic bartender who recognizes himself in the characters he speaks of.

"Some of Tim's Stories is a compact set of vignettes... Hinton trims her prose close to the bone...and carves it, concise observation[s]...[that are] admirably direct." -The New York Times
How can one not be excited about that?

Well, that was me. What about you? Leave a link and I'll visit.


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