Wednesday, 22 May 2013

WWW: 22 May

My favourite meme! Thanks to MizB at Should Be Reading for hosting. As usual she asks three questions:

1. What have you finished reading?

The Goddess Test (Goodreads)
Ho-hum. Only one word to describe this book: horrible. 
See my review here.

 Dare You To (Goodreads)
Now this one was amazing. Definitely a must read. See my review here.

2. What are you currently reading?

 Ender's World
I'm still savouring this book. Review to come on the weekend.
Perception (Goodreads)
Just started this.  Thus far it's well written and intriguing.

3. What am I reading next?

I'm not sure, but I'm gravitating between . . .

Pathfinder (Goodreads)
I've read this Sci-Fi High Fantasy (Yes, weird genre mix, isn't it?) before and I loved it. Thinking of reading it again.

Or Something new . . .

Falling Kingdoms (Goodreads)
I love the cover and the premise of this. 

So what do you think, which should I read?
  And what about you? What are you reading?
Please leave a link or a comment and I will return the favour.


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