Friday, 5 July 2013

Frivolous Friday: Flying The Coop!

Welcome to the weekend! And what a good weekend it's going to be. I'm abandoning my family to Andrew and am heading off down the coast for some R&R. My aunt lives in a gorgeous coastal town named Knysna (silent K), where artists, writers and dreamers collect. It's where I'm headed. (My aunt also happens to be a brilliant cook. Even better!)

The Knysna coastline, known locally as the Garden Route, is one of the most beautiful in the country. Pity my pics don't do it justice!

The Heads at Knysna

A lonely Beach below the Heads in Kysna

And the Knysna food speciality? Oysters. Great . . . if you like snot in shells.

Bordering Knysa is the Tsitsikamma Forest (don't ask me to explain the pronunciation of that San Bushman name) home to the elusive forest elephants. Tsitsikamma also hosts many fascinating myths and legends, some of which have been immortalized in the powerful writings of Daleen Matthee, one of South African's greatest storytellers.

So here's to the weekend. I won't be posting for a while because this is me signing out until Monday.

cheers and be happy

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