Friday, 15 February 2013

Frivolous Friday #2

Welcome to another Frivolous Friday.

Living in South Africa is certainly interesting. Our Rainbow Nation (as we call ourselves) share 11 different official languages and almost as many distinct cultures. This diversity is reflected in our every day lives.

Just ten minutes from my home, I can shop for Beluga caviar, Prada shoes, and Channel no 5 at a world class mall, complete with marble floors and high-tech lights. Or I can go browse the local markets, buying fresh fish straight off the back of a pickup truck parked at the wharf. Or meat straight off the hoof at a make-shift butcher.

Fish sold off the back of a truck.
Typical African meat seller.

When my brother (he's been living in England for twenty-odd years) saw this meat market, he freaked, saying that the boys in Brussels (the bureaucrates who rule Europe) would turn blue if one the local supermarkets decided to adopt this for their butchery section!

I think it just adds to the colour and charm that is Africa.

(Just so you know, I don't wear Prada, hate caviar and only occasionally indulge in the perfume. Channel no 5 is my favourite)


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