Thursday, 28 February 2013

Gratitude Thursday #1

I saw this meme on Cathy's blog I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and I couldn't resist it. 2013 is my gratitude year and I'm constantly working on putting a gratitude spin on everything - both good and bad - that happens in my life. So this meme was logical for me. Thank you Cathy.

Today I'm very grateful that I was home when the water pipe in my bathroom burst. It's amazing how quickly a room can flood with the pressure of a small town reservoir behind it!

Thankfully Andrew and I were home (sleeping actually - it was in the middle of the night) so we could deal with it before the whole house flooded.

We spent the day without water, waiting for the plumber. That taught me gratitude too.

Millions of women in Africa spend every day of their lives walking to and from communal water points to collect water for their families. They have learned to carry heavy buckets on their heads, leaving their arms free to carry babies. How grateful am I that I do not have to do that daily. Because I don't want to use other people's pics without permission, I've given you a link to a picture of just such women.

What are you grateful for to today?


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