Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cover Love: Under the Never Sky series

No discussion on the Under The Never Sky series could ever be complete without a look at the book covers the various publishers have used to sell us Veronica Rossi's world.

So let's start with Under The Never Sky - the first book in the series.

The hideous thing on the left is the artwork the UK publishers chose to inflict on us. Trust me, if I had seen that book in the bookshop, I would never have bought it. It was only because I'm a book blogger who trawls other blogs that I knew that Under The Never Sky is amazing. I saw a video trailer of the story and immediately downloaded the book onto my Kindle. Then I had to have a hard copy, and this horrible pink thing is what my bookseller offered me. Sigh.

Still, it came home with me and now occupies a prime spot in my bookshelf. But I can't help comparing it to the American version on the right. What was the designer thinking? Which would you prefer to own?

UK version
American version

Then on to book two: Through The Ever Night 

I think the UK publishers had learned the error of their ways when they released this because they tried a little harder. But still, the cover misses by a mile. Aria was done in book one so why would we
want her when we could have Perry? Look how hot he is!

Also, there is no description on the UK cover. Those critical words: A World Torn Apart. A Love Under Siege are missing. The cover tells us absolutely nothing. Would someone who didn't know the series actually buy the UK book? Again, I have to admit that I wouldn't have.

American Version
UK version

Poor Veronica Rossi. Authors have little or no control over their covers, so she must be pulling her hair out at what the UK publisher have done to incredible world. I'm sure there must be some kind of petition we readers can sign to demand better book covers!

I'd love to know your thoughts.


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