Friday, 8 March 2013

Frivolous Friday: 8 March

It's been a stressful week filled with sick kids and husband who had one too many dentist appointments. Need I say any more? I am now in escape mode. Big Time. Hence my choice of pictures for today. I wish I was at this godforsaken spot in the Namibian desert, surrounded by nothing but silence. A one man tent, a chair, and a few book would suit me just fine.

That car (a Packard, last built in 1959) has probably been there for decades. I can't help but wonder how it ended up in one of the remotest parts of southern Africa.

What brought the travellers here? Where did they go after the fire? Would they have survived the terrible trek across the desert to safety?  I'm sure there is a novel in there somewhere.
Maybe one day . . .

Here's to the weekend. I for one have earned it. I hope yours is special too.

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