Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cover Love: Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Regular readers of this blog will know I'm a bit obsessed with book covers, especially comparisons between the UK and American artwork. So, living up to that reputation, I thought I'd share some very different Daughter of Smoke and Bone covers with you.

This is the US version we're all so familiar with. To be honest, I still wonder at the connection to feathers. I kept looking for it, but maybe I'm just being obtuse . . .  Anyone who can help me here, please leave a note in the comments section.

US Version

Although the US cover is striking, it's not the one I have in my bookshelf. I have the UK version published in 2011. It looks like this:

UK version published in 2011

More feathers? And I still don't get it. Maybe teeth just wouldn't have looked so good. Can you picture it? Karou on the front cover dragging elephant tusks along the Paris metro . . . But I digress.

Although the feathers look iridescent in this pic, in real life the cover is actually very dull. I wonder if I would have bought it if I hadn't read reviews? I'm not sure.

Maybe the UK publisher decided the cover wasn't so great either, because in 2012 they changed it to:

UK cover 2012

Apart from the hand on the door, this does not even hint at fantasy. This could be the cover of any book set in Europe. You know the kind I mean: mystery behind the red door stuff.

So given a choice, I think I would have bought the US cover. What about you? Which do you prefer?


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