Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Assassin and the Pirate Lord: Review

Oh yeah! Talk about a rollicking good read. The beautiful, self-centred, and thoroughly lethal Celaena Sardothien bursts into life with a bang in this novella.

She and her arch nemesis Sam are sent to take delivery of a consignment of slaves from Rolfe, the Pirate Lord. For those who’ve know the series, it’s the same Sam Celaena talks about in Throne of Glass. Review here

Unfortunately, Celaena and Sam are assassins with a conscience. While murdering corrupt politicians and cheating spouses is quite acceptable to them, traffic in humans isn’t. Of course, Rolfe and his pirates see things quite differently. This leads to a page-turning adventure filled with brawls, skulduggery and suspense. Wonderful. I just love it.

Both Celaena and Sam are delightful heroes. In this book they do not get along, although there’s the occassional spark of what could happen if they just quit fighting each other . . . I’m looking forward to pursuing their relationship in the other three novellas in this series.

I really am in love with Celaena. She’s my favourite badass girl. But she’s also so human – so vulnerable - reminding me of my own daughters with her love of reading, parties and beautiful clothes. She's just sharpened with an unsurpassed ability to kill anyone who gets in her way. (Thankfully, my girls have stopped short of murder - although given how they squabble with each other, I sometimes wonder . . .)

Over the next few months I will be reading and reviewing the other three novellas in this series. In the meantime, if you loved Throne of Glass then The Assassin and the Pirate Lord is a must read. I give it four shiny stars.

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