Friday, 8 March 2013

The Prince (The Selection): Review

The Prince a quick, fun read that I squeezed in between more 'serious' tomes! (I'm about to read Arabelle's Shadows by Fleur Gaskin as a review request and that promises to be much heavier book, exploring the tortured life of a ramp model) 

I enjoyed The Selection and was intrigued to see the story through Maxon's eyes. He didn't disappoint. 

I feel for the man. He has a thoroughly awful father and lives a very constricted life. Being a prince is obviously not all that's it's cracked up to be. That said, I did find him very stiff and formal - almost prudish. (I thought that in The Selection too. In fact, I struggled to warm to him) But, as he explains, that is the fault of his education and his lack of contact with people other than diplomats and envoys. I feel far more kindly towards him now and, if I was a team person (which I secretly am) I would now say Team Maxon in lights on the side of my blog)

In this book we meet Maxon's first 'girlfriend' Daphne. She really is just a friend who sets the scene for the grand entrance of . . . drum roll . . . America Singer. Even Maxon thinks she has a stupid name!

This short novella takes us up to Maxon's first official meeting with the candidates. Actually, I would have liked it to have continued. It's great light reading that doesn't tax the brain, and gives those romantic strings a good old tug. I give it three fun stars.

For lovers of The Selection this is a must. And cheap on Amazon. I down loaded it for $1.99.


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