Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Roar and Liv: An Under The Never Sky Story: Review

In Roar and Liv, part of the Under the Never Sky series, Veronica Rossi allows us to see her amazing world through Roar's eyes. Roar is not only Perry's best friend, he is also in love with Perry's sister Liv. The love is definitely reciprocated. Sadly, because the story focuses on Liv's betrothal to Sable, Blood Lord of the Horns, we see their love in crisis - and my heart aches for them.

I so admire how Rossi takes us through the roller coaster of emotions the two experience once they learn their love is doomed. In just a few short pages (this is a 68 page eBook novella) her characters came alive, and I could feel their pain as if it were my own. Heart wrenching. Rossi is a master at creating and manipulating her reader's emotions. I think that was one of the strengths of the Under The Never Sky series. That, and her amazingly original world building.

Roar - a character I really liked from both Under The Never Sky and Through the Ever Night - is just wonderful. He's funny, perceptive, self-depreciating, lethal and some what honourable. He has definitely become one of my favourite series characters. I just loved being inside his head. And it was so interesting seeing Perry and Vale through his eyes. It just increased my obsessive love affair with Perry! (As I said, he is my book boyfriend) And made me dislike Vale even more! There's a man who got what he deserved!

My only criticism of this book is that it is too short. Way too short. I wanted more of Roar and Liv. Pages and pages more. This is yet another brilliant book in an amazing series. I give it five stars.

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