Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cover Love: Shadow and Bone versus The Gathering Dark

Mention to an American friend that you're reading Leigh Bardugo's amazing book The Gathering Dark, and  they will look at you blankly. But for us folk who get our books from UK publishers, it all makes perfect sense. 

The Gathering Dark is Shadow and Bone, just with a different cover and title. Weird, hey?

UK cover and title
American cover and title

Why do the publishers think that one title is better than the other? Or that a different cover will sell more books in America than in the rest of the world? I have no idea. Anyone who knows is fee to comment.

Which do I prefer? Actually, I'm torn. I think both covers are pretty, although I do like the Russian influence and the stag horns on Shadow and Bone. It is more exotic and intriguing. But I think I prefer the title The Gathering Dark because it suits the book better.  My daughters (two of whom have read and loved the book) think that the UK cover is better than the American. A two out of three majority in my unscientific research poll! So maybe the publishers know more about it than I do.

Which title do you prefer? And which cover do you think is more appealing?


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